A Better Alternative to Traditional Creative Writing Tuition

If you have landed on this page, the chances are that you’ve explored various avenues to give your child the best possible advantage in their creative writing for their 11 Plus exam or in general since it will become an increasingly important skill for their future academic endeavours.

We invite you to discover a better alternative to the standard English tutor or creative writing tuition! Our courses are designed to transform your child’s writing skills and help them to excel in crucial exams to gain entry into grammar or independent schools. We understand the concerns and challenges parents face when making the important decision about the best support for their children, and that’s why we’ve crafted a solution that’s truly unique and gets results much faster.

Traditional Marking Falls Short In Schools (And Often In Tuition, Too!)

In traditional classrooms, marking your child’s writing assignments often falls short in several crucial ways:

  • Missing Mistakes: Teachers, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of assignments, sometimes miss spelling mistakes, structural errors, or critical nuances.
  • Superficial Feedback: A mere tick or an underline of a misspelt word rarely provides the in-depth feedback needed for improvement.
  • Limited Time: Class teachers, grappling with packed schedules, rarely have the time to go through assignments in detail with each student.

What This Poor Approach Probably Means for Your Child

Bored Boredom Child Headphone Depressed Tired Concept

These limitations in traditional creative writing marking methods can have a significant impact on your child’s writing journey:

  • Missed Learning Opportunities: Spelling errors and structural issues go unaddressed, leading to missed learning opportunities.
  • Frustration and Confusion: Superficial feedback can leave your child frustrated and confused, unable to grasp the nuances of their mistakes.
  • Stagnation: With limited teacher interaction, your child’s writing skills may stagnate, hindering their academic progress.

A Transformative Approach For Your Child’s Writing

Our courses offer a transformative approach to these common issues:

  • Thorough Video Marking: Our unique video marking and feedback process ensures that no mistake goes unnoticed. Every error, every nuance, is addressed with care.
  • In-Depth Guidance: Your child receives comprehensive feedback, guiding them not just on what’s wrong but also on how to improve.
  • Time and Attention: Unlike traditional classrooms, our small class sizes allow for personalised attention, ensuring your child’s progress is never overlooked.

See It In Action: Example Marking Video Snippet

Would you like to see the marking in action? This detailed format means your child literally gets to see their work being marked as if they are looking over an expert creative writing tutor’s shoulders – because they are! Click the button below to access the short video.

Witness the Transformation: Student Progress Stories

Join us in celebrating the remarkable progress of our students. From Assignment 1 to Assignment 2, they’ve made extraordinary strides. Here’s a glimpse of their journey:

Student 1 Assignment 1 showcased potential. In Assignment 2, their brilliance starts to shine.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Student 2: From hesitant writing to confident expression in just one assignment.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Student 3: An incredible leap in creativity and articulation from Assignment 1 to Assignment 2.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Creative Writing Expertise Beyond Compare

Our courses are not just another set of lessons. They are crafted by Joycellyn Akuffo, an experienced journalist and an 11 Plus exam expert with more than a decade of experience. Having helped hundreds of children through this journey, Joycellyn brings a unique blend of journalistic excellence and 11 Plus exam know-how to create a learning experience like no other.

What Your Child Will Gain From Our Creative Writing Crash Course:

  • Rapid comprehension of key concepts for producing excellent writing tasks.
  • Invaluable feedback to refine their skills not only in their writing but also in other important areas such as their spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Guidance from a seasoned journalist (in other words, someone who writes for a living!) and who also happens to be a grammar and independent school admissions expert who understands the 11 Plus journey intimately.
  • Confidence to excel in exams from SATs, to 11 Plus exams and beyond!

Your Important Next Steps

Don’t settle for an ordinary English tutor or basic creative writing tuition. Choose an extraordinary path for your child’s education. Click the button below to explore our courses and embark on a journey of accelerated learning, unparalleled feedback, and expertise that sets your child on the road to success.