11 Plus Creative Writing Courses For Children Who Are Serious About Getting Into Their Dream Grammar Or Independent School!

Whether it is a course to improve your child’s creative writing, English comprehension, reading, or even their independent school interview, we have everything your child will need, backed by 10-plus years of experience!

Our Renowned Video Courses – With Marking and Feedback Included

If you want a simple addition to your child’s 11 Plus exam preparation that does not include time-consuming tuition but gets the same results (or better!), then our video-based and online courses are the perfect solution!

Creative Writing Crash Course

Are you looking for a quick solution that will improve your child’s creative writing because their 11 Plus exam is close?

If your child’s 11+ exam is very close, and they are struggling to get to grips with their creative writing, you are probably looking for an affordable solution that’s stress-free for you and your child. This course is perfect. 

If your child is struggling to get to grips with their creative writing and you need something affordable and stress-free for you and your child but gets the results, this is the course for your child!

Online and In-Person Creative Writing and 11 Plus Tuition That Get Results – Fast!

If your child relishes interactive lessons where they can share ideas with their peers, our Write and Bloom writing courses are the perfect solution.

Choose from the live online lessons or lessons at one of our centres in Beckenham and Catford, and get the added benefit of accompanying video tutorials and video-marked work your child will love!

Online Write and Bloom
Creative Writing Lessons

The online Write and Bloom course will give your child access to our renowned creative writing video tutorials and marking service, along with weekly small group online sessions where your child can share their ideas and boost their writing confidence among their peers.

Online 11 Plus
Weekly Tuition

Do you have dreams of your child getting into a grammar or independent school?

We have weekly online lessons for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 who are too far away from our centres in Beckenham and Lewisham but need 11 Plus preparation.

Courses for Private (Independent) School Entrance Exam or Stage 2 Grammar School Test Success

Independent school interviews and entrance tests can be daunting, but they no longer need to be! We have developed an independent school interview course and an English comprehension course, which is almost a decade old and has helped hundreds of children ace their exams.

Independent (Private) School Interview Course

This comprehensive course includes tutorials on everything you and your child need to make a positive and lasting impression at their private school interview.


  • Two independent school guides.
  • A booklet containing 50 independent school interview questions compiled from actual independent school interviews our students have attended in the UK’s top schools during the past 10 years!

Mastering English Comprehension Course

Are you worried about the level your child is working at with their English comprehension and feel unsure about how they would rank against other children who are preparing for these competitive exams in grammar and independent schools?

Give your child the best chance of acing their 11 Plus English paper. This course is for students who need to develop advanced skills in English comprehension.

  • Perfect for Stage 2 grammar school tests or independent (private) school entrance exams.

Reading Clubs That Inspire a Love of Words!

Boost your child’s reading confidence and ability with our online reading sessions! Our Geek Readers online reading sessions cater to children in years 3-5, and are crafted to enhance their reading proficiency and nurture their love for books. Download hundreds of books for free when you sign up!

Online Reading Club: Year 3s

Start your child’s love of reading early – sign up for the Year 3 Classics Reading Club and ignite their passion for literary exploration early! Children who start reading the right books early are always ahead of the rest!

  • Unlimited weekly online reading sessions tailored for Year 3 students.
  • A wide array of electronic books, compatible with your child’s Kindle, tablet, or available for printing.
  • Immediate access to valuable reading resources, which we have designed to help you to enhance your child’s reading skills, vocabulary and enjoyment.

Online Reading Club: Year 4s

Sign up your child for the Year 4 Classics Reading Club and open your child to a world of literary adventure! These reading sessions are perfect for reluctant readers who could benefit from reading with others.

  • Unlimited weekly online reading sessions tailored for Year 4 students.
  • Access to a collection of electronic books that you can download onto your child’s Kindle or tablet. You can also print them.
  • Instant access to valuable resources designed to enhance your child’s reading skills, vocabulary and enjoyment for life!

Online Reading Club: Year 5s

Enrol your child in the Year 5 Classics Reading Club and open the door to a world of classical texts that will help them in their 11 Plus exams and SATs!

  • Unlimited weekly online reading sessions, customised for Year 5 students.
  • An extensive library of electronic books, compatible with your child’s Kindle, tablet, or available for printing.
  • Exclusive access to valuable resources designed to enhance your child’s reading skills, vocabulary, and enjoyment throughout their academic journey – and for life!