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We work with students all over the UK and worldwide, helping them to secure a place at top UK grammar and independent schools. Some of our students have come from as far afield as China, Ghana and Dubai! We are proud to provide online tuition that is comparable to our excellent in-house tuition, so if you can’t get to us, please consider our online tuition.

Request An Online Assessment

If you live too far from our centres or prefer online tuition for your child, we can make the assessment process simple. Just use the link below to request the online assessment according to the year your child is in.

Once we receive your child’s completed assessment papers, we will promptly provide all the necessary details and arrange a feedback call within 24-72 hours. This will ensure that your child has a seamless learning journey with no delay in starting tuition.

Would you Like To Book An Assessment For Your Child?

If you’re a local to our Beckenham (Bromley borough) or Catford (Lewisham borough) centres, we’d love to help your child with their 11 Plus exam preparation. The first step is for your child to take a free assessment so we can gauge their academic level, after which we’ll schedule a detailed feedback call to discuss how best we can help.

If our centres are not as close as you would like, or our opening times do not work for your child’s schedule, perhaps our online tuition is the best option.