Get Your Child Ready for 11 Plus Creative Writing Exams with Our Crash Course

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Course Covers Everything Your Child Needs to Know to Ace Their 11 Plus Writing Task In Grammar and Independent School Tests

Better and faster results, for a fraction of the cost of paying for an English Tutor.

Our 11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course is the perfect way to get your child ready for the 11 Plus writing task. It is designed to teach your child everything they need to know to prepare for the 11 Plus writing task in grammar and independent school exams. Your child will learn how to come up with story writing ideas, avoid common spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and use advanced writing techniques to impress teachers at their dream school.

The Creative Writing Crash Course is written by an experienced journalist and 11 Plus exam expert, Joycellyn Akuffo, who has helped hundreds of children get into their dream schools as the managing director at Geek School Tutoring.

Your Child Will Learn How to Write at a High Standard To Ace Their 11 Plus Exam

Our 11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course will teach your child how to write at a high standard using our simple yet tried and tested formula.

The course covers 12 types of writing tasks used in these competitive exams and will teach your child how to illuminate their existing skills, building their writing confidence along the way. We teach simple writing secrets to our students, which will enable your child to start producing excellent writing every time, even under timed conditions.

11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course

Save Money and Time – This Is a Better Alternative To A Standard 11 Plus English Tutor

With our course, you don’t need to spend hundreds – or thousands of pounds – for the services of an English tutor. And you don’t need to spend valuable practice time journeying backwards and forwards to tuition. You can also ensure that your child dodges ineffective tuition from unqualified online English tutors who do not understand the nuances of these competitive 11 Plus exams.

In short, our 11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course is a great way to save money and time and get even better results.

One Secret To Our Students’ Success: Unique Video Marking and Feedback System

Our 11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course uses a unique video marking and feedback system that children love. Our system is more detailed than many parents expect. It’s like watching over the should of a tutor marking the work, but the extra advantage is that everything that is taught in the marking video will be unique to your child’s writing. This is one of the reasons why our students improve so quickly.

How many times have you looked at your child’s English book from school and been bewildered at how it lacks detailed marking, but is littered with spelling, punctuation and grammar error. If you are reading this and you have tried using an English tutor already, you may even be scratching your head and wondering why your child doesn’t seem to be making progress after months of English tuition, too.

Our unique video-based marking will give your child detailed feedback on their writing they have needed all this time – and your child will see huge improvements (quickly), which will boost their confidence and bring out their true creative ability. Feedback and direction help children understand their mistakes and learn from them so they can improve their writing skills and ace the 11 Plus writing task.

We want you to be clear about what our marking looks like, too. Why not have a look at a snippet from an example of our student’s work being marked.

We are so confident in our ability to help your child’s writing improve that we will even give you a chance to try before you buy! Yes, you can submit 10 lines of your child’s writing for marking using 11 Plus writing tasks from the free 11 Plus Exam Writing Task Booklet, which we will also give you for free.

Try Before You Buy - Creative Writing Crash Course Free booklet

Make The Right Decision – See Your Child’s Writing Improve Like These Students

Witness the Transformation: Student Progress Stories

Join us in celebrating the remarkable progress of our students. From Assignment 1 to Assignment 2, they’ve made extraordinary strides. Here’s a glimpse of their journey:

Student 1 Assignment 1 showcased potential. In Assignment 2, their brilliance starts to shine.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Student 2: From hesitant writing to confident expression in just one assignment.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Student 3: An incredible leap in creativity and articulation from Assignment 1 to Assignment 2.

First Assignment

Second Assignment