The 11 Plus Independent School Interview Course

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Prepare Your Child for the 11 Plus Independent School Interview with Geek School Tutoring

Our Comprehensive Video-Based Course to Prepare Your Child Effortlessly For Their Private School Interview

Are you worried about your child’s upcoming independent school interview?

Our Independent School Interview Course is the answer to all of your concerns! This video-based course will make sure that your child can confidently approach their 11 Plus interviews.

The course includes real questions asked in past interviews, scholarship interview questions, model answers, and tips on body language. We even include two free independent school interview guides for parents and a 50-question interview question booklet made up of past questions from top private schools in the UK. In other words, this course will provide everything you need to help your child prepare for a successful independent school interview.

With our help, you can give your child the right preparation so they won’t feel overwhelmed come exam day.

With this short course, we’ve already helped hundreds of children ace their independent school exams – without additional interview coaching or tutoring needed! We have been using this for almost ten years with great success. Now it’s time to add your child to our list of success stories!

Real Interview Questions from Real Schools

Our 11 Plus Independent School Interview Course contains real interview questions from real schools that our students have been asked over a 10-year period. We have compiled these questions into a comprehensive course that will help your child prepare for the interview. Our course also includes model answers, tutorials for parents, how to research schools properly before the interview, guidance on answering questions when they don’t know what to say, and so much more!

Comprehensive Course Materials For Effective Private School Interview Preparation

11 Plus independent school interview

Our 11 Plus Independent School Interview Course comes with comprehensive course materials, including two free guides on independent school interview preparation and a 50-question booklet of independent school interview questions.

Duo of 11 Plus Independent School Interview PreparationGuides

With these materials, your child will have all the information they need to confidently ace their interview and gain a place at their dream independent school.

Why You Should Choose Our Independent School Interview Course For Your Child’s Big Day

  • Time-Efficient: Designed for busy parents and eager learners, our weekend-friendly course ensures maximum preparation in minimal time.
  • No Need for a Tutor: While interview preparation tutors can be beneficial, our course is designed to make expert-level preparation accessible to every parent and child, eliminating the need for additional tutoring expenses – especially when you don’t have enough time to prepare.
  • Proven Success: Hundreds of our students have excelled through Geek School Tutoring’s Independent School Interview Course. Join a community of successful families who’ve embraced our effective interview preparation strategies.

Success That Speaks For Itself

Below is a short list of some of the schools that our students have gained entry to with our support. We would love to see your child join our list!

Grammar and Independent Destination Schools

11 Plus Experts at Your Fingertips

Our 11 Plus Independent School Interview Course is designed to help your child prepare for the interview without the need for an independent school interview preparation tutor. However, if you need additional help, we are available to answer any questions. You can be sure that your child will be well-prepared for the interview.