Write and Bloom: 11 Plus Creative Writing Lessons Online Meets Technology

Our unique video-based course is accompanied by weekly online lessons

Expert Creative Writing Guidance to Help our Child Build Knowledge and Confidence In Their Writing For 11 Plus Exams and Beyond!

Our Write and Bloom 11 Plus creative writing course is the perfect way to prepare your child for the writing tasks in grammar school selection tests or independent (private) school entrance exams.

Our unique formula includes both video-based tutorials (covering 12 types of writing tasks used in these competitive exams) plus the added benefit of weekly online learning.

Write and bloom Online Creative Writing Course for the 11 Plus exam

The brainchild of experienced journalist and 11 Plus exam expert Joycellyn Akuffo (who is also the Managing Director of Geek School Tutoring), with our Write and Bloom course, your child can learn everything they need to know to prepare for the 11 Plus writing task. We will teach your child how to:

  • Develop story ideas;
  • Spot and avoid common spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in their writing;
  • Use advanced writing techniques and simple secrets to produce excellent writing every time, under timed conditions.
  • And so much more, including building their confidence in their writing – something they will carry for life!
Online 11 Plus creative writing course

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Lessons Your Child Will Love!

Our Write, and Bloom course also includes weekly online lessons for students who need extra interaction. These small group online tuition sessions of up to 10 students are led by Joycellyn Akuffo and provide another opportunity for your child to ask questions and get feedback on their work. These small groups are the perfect number for each student to contribute, but ensure the group dynamic is fun and engaging at the same time.

11 Plus Tutor

Whether you have found out about us from one of Joycellyn’s videos on Geek School Tutoring’s YouTube channel, you can be assured that every course we produce is the brainchild of our managing director, Joycellyn Akuffo.

Joycellyn is an experienced journalist and an expert in the 11 Plus exams. In the past decade, she has helped hundreds of children pass grammar and independent school exams. Joycellyn is passionate about helping students who live far from our centres in Beckenham and Lewisham to enjoy our in-person tuition. This is why we offer online support and fantastic video-based courses to reach out to those students.

Meeting with their peers online once a week for an hour allows students to learn and bounce ideas with one another, making the experience even more enjoyable and impactful.

Weekly Homework With Detailed Marking and Feedback – An Essential Part Of Our Process and Your Child’s Success

Students who enrol in our 11 Plus Creative Writing Crash Course will have access to our unique video marking and feedback system, which has received positive feedback from our students. We provide detailed feedback that parents wish their children would receive in school or during their English tuition. This feedback will help your child identify their mistakes and learn from them. The entire process is recorded, so your child will feel as though they are watching over the shoulder of their tutor while they are marking and explaining their work.

See How Some Of Our Students Progress From Week 1 to Week 2

Join us in celebrating the remarkable progress of our students. From Assignment 1 to Assignment 2, they’ve made extraordinary strides. Here’s a glimpse of their journey. These are just a small sample of our students – we have many more!

Witness the Transformation: Student Progress Stories

Student 1 Assignment 1 showcased this student’s potential, but there were a number of structural issues, including lack of paragraphing and basic sentence structure. In Assignment 2, following our video-recorded feedback, the student’s brilliance starts to shine.

First Assignment

Second Assignment

Student 2: From hesitant writing to confident expression in just one assignment. It’s clear from just the tidiness of presentation that this student has made a big improvement from week 1 to week 2. Paragraphing has improved, and so has the quality of writing. All in just one week!

First Assignment

Second Assignment

The Perfect 11 Plus Creative Writing Programme For Year 4 and 5 Students

The Write and Bloom course is specifically designed for students in year 4 and 5 who are preparing for their 11 Plus exams. Our course can serve as a reliable companion for your child’s steady preparation towards these competitive exams, helping them achieve their dream of attending grammar and independent schools.

Our comprehensive course material, weekly online lessons, and unique video-based marking system will prepare your child for the exam with confidence.