How to Get Your Son Into St. Olave’s Grammar School Through Choral Singing and Creative Writing

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If you are looking for an alternative way to get your son into St. Olave’s Grammar School, the Wakeham Choristership Scheme could be the answer. And now, with the help of the Creative Writing Crash Course, your child can be even better prepared for the academic test’s creative writing component.

Stage One: The Academic Test

The scheme’s first stage involves an English and Mathematics academic test at the school. The English paper includes a creative writing section, which can be a challenge for many children. That’s why the Creative Writing Crash Course can be so helpful. This online course provides children with quick and effective ways to improve their creative writing skills, ensuring they are ready for the academic test.

Stage Two: The Voice Test

Candidates who meet the academic requirements will progress to the second stage, a Voice Test held at the school with the Director of Music and the Master of Music at the King’s Chapel of the Savoy. Your son will be required to prepare a short piece of music to sing, preferably from the classical tradition.

What Experience is Expected?

At the Wakeham Choristership Scheme, we welcome applications from boys with varying experience levels. While singing ability is crucial, it’s not the only factor we consider. We also look for boys who have a pleasant tone, blend well with other voices, read music, hold an accompanied melodic line without going out of tune, and are enthusiastic about Anglican-tradition choral singing.

Become a Wakeham Chorister and Join St. Olave’s

Successful candidates who become Wakeham Choristers will begin a year before joining Year 7 at St. Olave’s. Wakeham Choristers are expected to commit fully to the choir and continue until their voice breaks and it is agreed by the Chapel that they may leave.

By combining the Wakeham Choristership Scheme with the Creative Writing Crash Course, you can give your son the best chance of success in joining St. Olave’s Grammar School. Sign up for the course today and begin your journey towards this prestigious school.

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